Process Historian – Plant Information Management Systems (PIMS)

Process historians are a need of the hour for plant managers who want to improve plant efficiency and compare it with past results. Most managers look for historians that are easy to use and understand, and have a seamless integration with their currently installed systems. An efficient process historian can act as a great troubleshooting tool for engineers and operators alike to identify abnormalities and deviations in process and address them timely to avoid loss of precious production uptime

At SEGAL PETRO NIRU we offer you a process historian suitable to your specific needs and help you install and integrate them with your existing systems. Our strong expertise and knowledgebase in the oil & gas domain enables us to setup and implement historian in a way that generates timely, meaningful and action oriented reports. Additionally SEGAL PETRO NIRU also trains your operators and managers to understand the Historian usage and extract maximum benefits out of your investment. Whether your operation justifies a full implementation with related infrastructure or shared infrastructure through cloud technologies, Segal Petro Niru is ready to meet your requirements and assure efficient asset monitoring through PIMS solutions.