RTU Solution

We capable in establish Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) system at your plant / infrasructure to be integrated with SCADA system. Our solutions are not limited whereas we take full advantage of any communication path such as Ethernet TCP/IP, serial ProfiBUS , Modbus and even leading edge fieldbus solutions to give you the best options.

  • Yokogawa STARDOM
  • Schneider Electric
  • Siemens: SINAUT


Smart manufacturing systems are key components for smart plants, to quickly and easily respond to dynamic business and production changes to meet market demands. Using process control systems STARDOM, processes are no longer interrupted thanks to it's redundant configuration and reliable hardware. And end-to-end digital communication maximizes your asset capabilities by transmitting asset information together with more accurate digital process data, both vertically (from field devices to SCADA and MES systems) and horizontally (various utilities and devices in the field.) STARDOM strengthens your competencies.


Telemetry and Remote SCADA Solution (TRSS) from Schneider Electric allows you to monitor and control field operations across a widely dispersed infrastructure. It supports telemetry protocol such as Modbus, DNP3, and IEC-60870-5. TRSS consists of:

Clear SCADA Software
Trio Licensed and License-Free Radios
SCADA Pack RTU 100, 300, 32, 300E, ES
Gas Flow Measurement Package
Accutech battery-powered wireless sensor