Engineering Services

Segal Petro Niru Consulting Services helps our clients go from their current state to a desired situation by delivering recommendations based on analysis, knowledge and expertise. Our consultants start with an assessment of your processes and technology and combine it with their industrial knowledge, experience and best practices to suggest a course of action that will yield early and ongoing positive business impact.

Our unique combination of technical and process knowledge combined with documented processes and procedures, enables us to deliver innovative and cost effective solutions to satisfy the most demanding customer requirements.
Key Benefits and Capabilities:
Obtain a customized roadmap for specific solutions to your problems
Analyze the gap between your current and desired states
A team of consultants with deep industrial knowledge to help guide you to what technology to use to solve your specific problems
A wide range of advanced solutions to improve operational performance
Set up a project plan for your resources
Interview and hire resources for you
Assist with cost estimation