Gas Detectors

  • Toxic & Explosive Gas Detectors series RAS
  • Low Cost Explosive Gas Detectors series RAS-DR
  • Toxic & Explosive Gas Trasmitters series DUST
  • PARK4/TWINPARK GAS TRANSMITTERS with enose® Technology
  • Transmitters for Explosive Gas and CO2 with IR Sensor RAS and DUST Series

Heat Detectors
Heat Detectors TMP2

Flame Detectors

  • Stations for small systems
  • modular-control-systems
  • Addressable Control Systems
  • High Performance Touch Screen Terminals




Flame Detectors

  • Mini IR3 and Mini UV/IR detectors
  • Low cost Mini IR3 Flame Detector
  • 40/40 SharpEye detectors

Open Path Gas Detectors
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Toxic
  • Accessories



Explosion-proof Transmitter

  • Sensepoint XCD
  • XNX™ Universal Transmitter
  • Sensepoint XCD RFD
  • Sensepoint XCD RTD
  • Series 3000 Mkll Transmitter with Sensor

Infrared Transmitters
  • Searchline Excel Open Path Infrared Gas Detector
  • Searchpoint Optima Plus Point Infrared Gas Detector Sensepoint XCD RFD

FSX Flame Detectors
  • Fire Sentry FS24X Flame Detector
  • Fire Sentry FS20X Flame Detector
  • Fire Sentry FS System 10 and FS10-R

SSX Flame Detectors
  • Fire Sentry SS4 Flame Detector
  • Fire Sentry SS2 Flame Detector
  • Fire Sentry FS System 10 and FS10-R

Gas Detection Controllers



Fixed Detectors

  • Toxic and Oxygen Gas Detector
  • Infra-red Gas Detector
  • IRmax is an ultra-compact infra-red (IR) gas detector
  • Intelligent and versatile gas detector
  • Flameproof toxic and oxygen gas detector with display
  • Flammable gas detector with display
  • Open-path line of sight gas IR detectors
  • IR & UV based flame detectors
Portables Detector Control Panels

Cooper Industries

Cooper Industries-logo

  • Manual Alarm Call Points
  • Beacon / Strobes
  • Sounders / Horns
  • Speakers
  • Status Lights
  • Combination Units

apollo fire solution

apollo logo

  • Optical Detector
  • Heat Detector
  • Optical/Heat Multi sensor Detector
  • Intelligent Mounting Base
  • Intelligent Manual Call Point


Notifier logo

  • Fire Alarm Control Panels
  • Advanced Smoke Sensing
  • SWIFT (Smart Wireless Integrated Fire Technology)

Scame Sistemi

Scame Sistemi logo

  • S81-HS Main System
  • S81-HS Cards



  • Fire Alarm Control Panel Solution F1
  • Alarm Detectors
  • Cards And Accessories
  • Fire Alarm Control Panel Solution F2
  • Loop Modules, call Points, Sounder Beacons