Process Control Systems (PCS)

Process control systems are the backbone of any modern oil & gas plant. At SEGAL PETRO NIRU we offer the best PCS systems available in the global market. Our vendor neutral system design approach allows plant operators to achieve highest levels of efficiency while ensuring a safe and compliant plant operation. Our range of PCS systems is extremely flexible; from PLC based control systems for compressor stations to complex DCS based systems managing complex onshore and offshore production plants SEGAL PETRO NIRU offers the complete spectrum.


CENTUM VP is Yokogawa's latest integrated production control system, also known as a distributed control system (DCS). Nearly 40 years of knowledge and experience with DCSs has gone into its development. CENTUM VP has a more intuitive human machine interface and power field control stations capable of processing data faster and more reliably. Thanks to features such as a pair & spare CPU configuration, CENTUM VP achieves 99.99999% (seven-9s) availability. CENTUM VP is the core platform of Yokogawa's VigilantPlant solutions, that are designed to achieve the ideal plant. CENTUM VP also is a highly reliable platform that provides system operators integrated access to intelligent instrumentation diagnostics and subsystem data.


Siemens SIMATIC PCS 7 is more than a DCS, it gives you both PLC and DCS functionality. The open architecture of SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system enables full integration of all the automation systems in your plant: process, batch, discrete and safety, and all the field devices; instrumentation, analytics, motors, drives, and safety into a single platform, with common tools for engineering, visualization, and facility-wide asset and maintenance management.


The DeltaV system’s unique flexible field architecture delivers I/O on demand–providing the I/O you want, when you want it, where you want it. It is flexible because you can now decouple the process design from the I/O infrastructure design, to easily incorporate late process changes into the automation system.


PlantPAx™ is the process automation system from Rockwell Automation with all the core capabilities expected in a world-class distributed control system (DCS). The system is built on a standard-based architecture using Integrated Architecture components that enable multi-disciplined control and Premier Integration with the Rockwell Automation Intelligent Motor Control portfolio